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5 Ways to Make Matcha

How to make matcha 5 ways Encha tea latte

  1. How to Make Matcha Tea?

  2. How to Make Matcha Latte?

  3. How to Make Iced Matcha Latte?

  4. How to Shake Iced Matcha?

  5. How to Make Matcha Smoothie?

1. How to Make Matcha Tea in the Traditional Ceremonial Way?

I suggest every matcha lover to prepare matcha tea in the traditional way at least once and taste matcha just with hot water. It is the way used in the century-old Japanese tea ceremony.

  • Prepare a matcha bowl and a matcha whisk
  • Heat up 5oz water to 160°F or let fully boiled water cool down (for ~3 mins) 
  • Add one level teaspoon or two bamboo matcha scoops of ceremonial-grade matcha powder into the bowl
  • Hold the whisk vertically, from the top, not from the side. Don't scratch the bowl. 
  • Whisk back-n-forth rapidly in a straight line, not in a circle. Whisk up a big matcha wave for about 15 seconds..
  • After the bowl is full of bubbly foam, slow down gradually in a "W" pattern and lift up the whisk elegantly.

2. How to Make Matcha Latte? Choose from Three Tools: Whisk, Frother, or Blender 

matcha latte with almond milk and Encha Organic Matcha 
Making a perfect cup of smooth and green matcha latte requires two things

Tool Option 1: Use a Bamboo Matcha Whisk for Matcha Latte

Matcha latte recipe whisking almond milk and Encha Organic Matcha

  • Water first: use a matcha whisk to whisk 1 level tsp matcha powder with 2oz hot water in a matcha bowl or wide mug, until well mixed (~10s). 
  • Then milk: Use the same matcha whisk or use a milk frother to froth hot but under-boiling milk of your choice (almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, soy milk, etc.).
  • Pour milk into the matcha tea. 
    • You can practice matcha latte art if your frothed milk has silky smooth density. You can use the end of matcha scoop or a chopstick to zig zag through the top matcha foam for abstract pattern.
    • Or, simply whisk or froth the matcha latte more.

Tool Option 2: Use a Milk Frother for Matcha Latte

Froth matcha latte using a handheld aerolatte milk frother

  • If you want to use just one thing-a simple mug or a Pyrex pitcher, you can use the electric milk frother for both steps.
  • Water first: Stir the matcha powder in 2oz hot, under-boiling water first. Then turn on the frother to easily dissolve the matcha powder in water.
  • Then milk: Add the milk into the mug and froth the whole matcha latte more.
  • The longer you froth, the larger the bubbles, the more foams your matcha latte has.  

Tool Option 3: Use a Blender For Most Foamy Matcha Latte

blend almond matcha latte Encha Organic Matcha

  • Blender is great for making multiple servings of matcha latte to a party. 
  • Heat the milk to be warm and under boiling (skip this step if you like it cold)
  • Pour the almond milk to your blender (add other goodies you like: dates, vanilla...)
  • Add Encha Organic Matcha Powder to the blender
  • Blend in the low mode for 10-15 seconds until well-mixed and foamy.

3. How to Make Iced Matcha Latte? Simple Shake, Blend or Fancy Pour

Tool Option 1: Use a Bottle to Shake Iced Matcha Latte

You can use a water bottle 

  • Add water and ice cubes to a bottle, half full
  • Add matcha powder to shake up and down like shaking cocktail.
  • Add cold milk and shake more. Voila!


Tool Option 2: Use a Blender for Iced Matcha Latte

Blender is great for serving multiple people in a summer party. 

  • Add cold milk first and then matcha powder to the blender
  • Other optional adds: dates or another healthy sweetener
  • Blend in the low mode for 10-15 seconds. 

Tool Option 3: Use Whisk and Frother to Pour Fancy Iced Matcha Latte

This is my favorite way to prepare matcha latte on a hot summer afternoon. So beautiful for the eyes and so fulfilling for the taste bud.

  • Fill an 12oz glass with ice to 2/3 full
  • Pour in 5oz cold coconut
  • Use a matcha whisk or a milk frother to dissolve matcha powder with cold or hot water for about 10-15 seconds until well mixed
  • Pour matcha tea over mik. Enjoy the mesmerizing green-and-white dance effect.
  • You can also pour milk over matcha!

4. How to Shake Iced Matcha Tea? As Pre-workout drink or on the Beach


5. How to Make Matcha Smoothie?

Super simple. Just add matcha powder to all your green smoothie mix and blend!