ENCHA Latte-Grade Pure Organic Matcha (1st-harvest, perfect for matcha latte with almond, coconut or other milk)
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Encha is the only matcha brand offering a latte grade using 1st-harvest pure and organic matcha from our farm in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. Grade in matcha refers to the suggested purpose. We want to support people to make organic matcha latte without having to add sweeteners. Pure almond, coconut or other vegan non-dairy milk has very little sugar content. Most businesses use 2nd or even 3rd harvest matcha to make latte and add lots of sugar, or even worse, pre-mix their matcha with sugar. That's why we choose 1st-harvest organic matcha, which tastes much smoother. 

Latte-grade Encha is a versatile all-purpose choice if you want to buy one cost-effective 1st-harvest organic matcha, for making latte, sometimes hot matcha tea, iced matcha tea or shake, occasionally smoothies, ice cream, etc. Read Encha grade guide for more details. If you are interested in comparing to ceremonial-grade Encha, request for one free mini-Encha in ceremonial grade in "Special Instruction for Seller" after you click "Add to cart".  

Select Size dropdown options to select 60g (2.12 oz) packet size or 10x mini-Encha single packet bundle. 

  • Pure matcha green tea powder. USDA-certified organic. 
  • No preservatives. Non-GMO. Gluten-free. Vegan. 
  • Serving size: 1 level tsp/2 bamboo scoops = about 2.0 grams (adjust to suit your need)
  • Servings per 60g packet: 30 servings (last 15 days if two a day; 1 month if one a day)
  • Enjoy one cup of Encha at breakfast and one after lunch. 


  • Almond Matcha Latte: a hot almond matcha latte with latte-grade Encha maximizes the nutty aroma of almond and smooth taste of Encha with a beautiful savory texture. No bitterness. You can froth it longer to make it very foamy and say bye to cappuccino forever. You can also blend it cold and pour it over ice - super-refreshing!
  • Coconut Matcha Latte: for people who like it fruity, coconut matcha latte is the way to go, especially iced. Coconut and Encha are a divine combo for iced matcha latte or iced coconut milk matcha tea
  • You can also drink latte-grade Encha as matcha tea just with water. It will taste slightly stronger and astringent than ceremonial-grade Encha, but still very smooth.

Health Benefits and Amount per Serving of 2 Grams:

  • Catechins: ~240mg (includes 120mg EGCG), a powerful antioxidant with studies showing its effects on fighting aging, preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol, stimulating metabolism and improving skin smoothness by reducing pimples and inflammation.
  • Theanine: ~24mg, a precious amino acid almost unique to matcha. It increases mental calmness and focus over a long period of time.
  • Caffeine: ~60mg ( = ~2/3 of an 8 oz cup of coffee). Improves alertness and energy level.
  • The unique combination of caffeine and theanine may have the effect of making you feel alert and calm at the same time without jitter and sustaining the mental focus without crash. We call it Zenergy. Studies show its effects on improving mental clarity and cognitive performance. 

Nutrition Facts

 Origin: Uji, Japan
 Harvest: 1st harvest (May), using high-quality, organically grown, matcha leaves
 GrindingDried leaves are refrigerated in the optimal temperature and ground into fine powder when we need it (usually on quarterly basis). Then it is air-shipped from our farm to Encha warehouse in California and stored in product refrigerators. 
 ExpirationOne year after grinding. Best to consume it within 3 months after you opened it. 
 Storage: Reseal carefully to keep out air, light and moisture. Best to store it in the refrigerator or in a dry, cool and dark place. Light, air and moisture will oxidate matcha. 

 Instruction: 5 ways to make Encha matcha latte.

  1. Easy-mix: 1 level tsp of Encha to 6-8 oz (3/4 to 1 cup) of non-dairy milk. Mix them together using a bamboo whisk, a handheld frother, or a blender. 
  2. Two-step hand pour:  Whisk 1 tsp of Encha to 2 oz of water at 160 °F. Then pour 4-6 oz of milk. Mix freely.
  3. Hand-pour with latte art: Almond or soy milk is quite thick, more suitable for experimenting with latte art. Froth it to have a silky microfoam, pour high first into matcha, and then lower the sprout to create artful patterns.
  4. Snow-white Encha latte: Froth the milk to create thick foam. Pour the milk using a spoon to stop the top foam. Then transfer the white foam to the top of the drink. For extra fun, sprinkle Encha powder on the top. 
  5. Simple-shake iced matcha latte: Add 2-3 oz cold water in a bottle. Add 1/2 or 1 tsp of Encha powder. Shake for 10 seconds. Then add your desired amount of milk (e.g. coconut milk, coconut water) and shake further. 

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