ENCHA Culinary-Grade Pure Organic Matcha (Premium 2nd-harvest, perfect for green smoothies, dessert or bittersweet latte)
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Culinary-grade Encha Organic Matcha is from premium 2nd harvest in our farm in Uji, Japan. Grade in matcha refers to the suggested consumption purpose. Culinary-grade Encha has greener color and finer taste than other culinary-grade matcha. Some of the culinary-grade matcha in the market used for latte, smoothie or dessert are even from late-summer or autumn harvest which tends to be muddy bitter. Encha doesn't select any 3rd harvest. 

Add Encha as an organic matcha boost to your green smoothies, smoothie bowl, or dessert. You can also use it for making bittersweet matcha latte, especially if you like to add natural sweetener or like a stronger matcha taste. Feel free to request a mini-Encha in latte grade in your order, by entering the request in "Special instructions for seller" after clicking "Add to cart". See Encha grade guide for details.

If you are a business with a retail shop offering beverages, we also carry culinary-grade Encha in 500g (1.1lb) size. Email encha@encha.com for wholesale inquiry. 

  • Pure matcha green tea powder. USDA-certified organic. 
  • No preservatives. Non-GMO. Gluten-free. Vegan. 
  • Serving size: 1 level tsp = about 2 grams (adjust to suit your need)
  • Servings per 60g packet: 30 servings (last 15 days if two a day; 1 month if one a day)
  • Enjoy one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


  • It adds a subtle savory matcha taste and powerful antioxidants to make green smoothies even greener and healthier.
  • It makes great bittersweet matcha latte when you add a tsp of honey, maple syrup or other natural sweetener.
  • It adds a beautiful vibrant green color, a vegetal savory taste, and a slightly nutty texture to baking (waffle, pancake, cookies, cakes, and so on). You can say bye to artificial food coloring forever. 

Health Benefits and Amount per Serving of 2 Grams

Second harvest is around late June in Uji, Japan. With more sun exposure than in 1st harvest, the matcha plants might develop less theanine and caffeine. Total catechins content is the same. 
  • Catechins: ~240mg (includes 120mg EGCG), a powerful antioxidant with studies showing its effects on fighting aging, preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol, stimulating metabolism and improving skin smoothness by reducing pimples and inflammation.
  • Theanine: ~16mg, a precious amino acid almost unique to matcha. It increases mental calmness and focus over a long period of time.
  • Caffeine: ~36mg. Improves alertness and energy level.
  • The unique combination of caffeine and theanine may have the effect of making you feel alert and calm at the same time without jitter and sustaining the mental focus without crash. We call it Zenergy. Studies show its effects on improving mental clarity and cognitive performance. 

    Nutrition Facts

    Origin: Uji, Japan
    Harvest: Premium 2nd harvest (late June), using the best, organically grown matcha leaves of the season. 
    GrindingDried leaves are refrigerated in the optimal temperature and ground into fine powder when we need it (usually on quarterly basis). Then it is air-shipped from our farm to Encha warehouse in California and stored in product refrigerators. 
    ExpirationOne year after grinding. Best to consume it within 3 months after you opened it. 
    Storage: Reseal carefully to keep light, air and moisture out. Best to store it in the refrigerator or in a dry, cool and dark place. Light, air and moisture will oxidate matcha. 


    • Matcha green smoothie: add a tsp of Encha on top of green veggies and fruits. Then blend them all together.
    • Matcha smoothie bowl: increase the density of texture by using less liquid or adding more banana or avocado and enjoy decorating your matcha bowl.
    • Bittersweet matcha latte: froth culinary-grade Encha with a tsp of honey or other natural sweetener in your choice of milk (non-dairy milk is recommended)
    • Matcha Nicecream (banana-based vegan ice cream): Blend Encha with banana together.
    • Matcha healthy baking: add a tbsp of Encha to the dough, or sift and sprinkle 1/2 tsp on top of your cheesecake, tiramisu, and so on. 

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