Premium, first harvest matcha - directly from our organic farm in Uji, Japan straight to your home.

What Makes Us Encha?


Caffeine provides energy while L-theanine offers a feeling of alert calmness. Say goodbye to anxiety and jitters and hello to the unique feeling of Zenergy.


Slightly grassy and full of umami, Encha offers a complex flavor profile along with a thick, frothy texture.


All matcha is grown in Uji, Japan – the world’s best terroir for authentic, high-quality matcha. The vibrant green color demonstrates its quality, and our matcha is USDA Certified Organic.

Enjoy the highest quality grade of matcha tea.

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The “Tea” On Encha

Rated 4.6 stars by Over 6,800+
Matcha Lovers

Kristen Bell


"I'm not Kristen Bell until after I've had my matcha in the morning. It flips my 'on' switch. I've tried a lot of brands, but Encha is the very best."

Casey Andringa

U.S. Olympian

"Over the years I learned what it takes to stay healthy...I use Encha each day."

Li Gong

Encha Founder

"I drink my own product twice a day, in the morning and after lunch. I am very grateful that I found organic matcha."

Vibrant green color and rich, full-bodied taste

All of our matcha comes from our organic farm in the hills of Uji, Japan. Each leaf is hand-plucked and held to the strictest quality standards. The proof is in the vibrant green hue and the complex flavor: velvety yet earthy, decadent yet smooth, deep and subtly complex

Always high-quality, always organic

Throughout production we remain loyal to ancient traditions. We insist on a deep involvement in the entire process, from the farming to grinding to packaging. Every plant is shade-grown and every package passes strict lab tests. We’ll never use pesticides or synthetic chemical fertilizers in our farming practices, so you can rest assured you’re getting pure, organic, and unsweetened matcha with every cup

Calm yet focused Zenergy that lasts for hours

Matcha offers six hours of energy, without the crash — which is why coffee drinkers are increasingly making the switch. Just one cup of coffee can cause jittery highs and productivity-sapping lows. With matcha, you’re able to move through your day with focused intention – grounded and purposeful

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