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Encha Organic Matcha Subscription Program

Encha Subscription Program

Subscribe & Save 15% with FREE U. S. Shipping 

The only subscription plan for high-quality Japanese organic matcha

Select the grade of Encha Organic Matcha that you want and choose the subscription price and size option on its page 

    Ceremonial-grade Encha Organic Matcha Latte-grade Encha Organic Matcha


    How to Easily Manage Your Encha Subscription

    Feel free to call, chat, or email Encha team to help you

    *Subscription is not possible for international shipping due to the high shipping cost. The best saving is to buy a few packets at a time. 

    Table of Contents


    I. ACCOUNT (you need an account to manage your subscription)

    A. Log Into Your Account (if you have an account)

    1. Go to
    2. Click Login in the upper right-hand corner.

    3. Input your email address and password.

    B. Create an Account (if you have made regular-priced purchases as guest before)

    1. On the ‘Login’ page, click Create an Account.

      2. Make sure you use the same email addressyou used in previous purchases on
      3. Click Create.


      C. Create an Account (as part of making 1st-time purchase)

      1. Click Productson the main navigation bar.

      2. Choose one of the three grades of Encha Organic Matcha.

      3. Select the price Subscribe & Save 15%

      4. Select the delivery frequency you want.

      5. Click Add to cart.
      6. You will be prompted to create an account.

      D. Reset your password

      1. ClickForgot your password?

      2. Enter your email.
      3. Check your email.
      4. Open the email from Encha and you will be guided to reset your password.

      Note: If the system generates the error message “Invalid login credentials”, there is no account under the email you entered. You probably made purchases as a guest before, so you can use the same email to create an account.


          A. Change your delivery date

          1. Click My Account in the upper right-hand corner.

          2. ClickManage Subscriptions.

            3. ClickEdit (date, qty…) on the product you want to change the delivery option for.

              4. ClickChange next shipment date under the ‘Next Shipment’ field.

                5. Use the dropdown menu to select your desired date.

                  6. ClickSave.

                  Note: You CANNOT choose today's date. The system only allows you to choose a future date.

                  B. Change your delivery frequency option (Monthly or Bimonthly)

                  1. Go toMy Account->Manage Subscriptions.
                  2. ClickEdit (date, qty…) on the product you want to change the delivery option for.
                  3. ClickChange delivery frequency under the ‘Delivery Schedule’ field.

                  4. Click the dropdown menu and select1 formonthly delivery and2 forbimonthly delivery.

                  5. Click Save.


                  III.SKIPPING A DELIVERY

                  1. Click AccountManage Subscriptions

                  2. ClickDelivery Schedule.

                    3. Click Skip this delivery. You can skip up to the next 5-6 months.

                    4. Your delivery date should show the status “Skipped.”


                    1. Click My AccountManage Subscriptions
                    2. ClickCancel Subscription on the product you want to cancel.

                    3. Select the reason why you want to cancel from the dropdown menu.

                    4. Add additional comments in the box if you want to provide details for your cancellation. 
                    5. Click Cancel Subscription.

                    6. You should see the product crossed out and canceled.

                    7. Reactivate a previous subscription

                    ClickRe-activate on the product you want to reactivate and then click "Ok" on next page.

                      Note: The system default is set to auto-ship 30 days from your date of re-activation. See the instructions on Editing Subscription Dates in Section II. 


                      V. ADD OR REMOVE PRODUCTS (ongoing or one-time)

                      1. Click onMy AccountManage Subscriptions.
                      2. ClickAdd Product.

                      3. Select the Encha grade you want.

                      4. Select the Options.

                      5. Select 1 for ‘Delivery Schedule.’

                        6. Select the Quantity.
                        7. Select the delivery date for this purchase:
                          • To combine this purchase with your regular subscription delivery date, select the default date.

                          • To pick a different date, selectCustom Shipment Date.

                          8. Make sure the shipping address is correct.
                          9. Click Add Product.

                          10. Add a One-Time purchase for an Encha Tool, Bowl, Sets, or other Encha Accessories to your Subscription Shipping

                          • You can do a regular checkout; 
                          • Then immediately . we will combine it with your subscription shipping.

                            NOTE: Encha Tools, Bowls, and other Accessories do NOT qualify for Subscribe & Save 15%.

                            VI. UPDATE ADDRESS & PAYMENT INFORMATION

                            A. Update your shipping address

                            1.ClickAccount→Manage Subscriptions.
                            2 ClickSubscriptions.

                            3. ClickEdit (date, qty…) under the ‘Ships To:’ field.

                            4. Enter your new shipping address.
                            5. Click Save.

                              B. Update your billing information: credit card or billing address

                              1.ClickManage Subscriptions.
                              2.ClickBilling Information.


                              3. Click Edit under ‘Card on File.’

                              4. Enter your credit card information.

                               5. Click Save.


                              Note: If the subscription cancellation takes place after the shipping date of the order of a given month, the customer understands and agrees that the charge for that month’s order will not be reversed.

                                Encha might modify or discontinue the Product Subscription Program. In the event of changes, Encha will notify all the affected customers by email. Please see Encha's Terms and Conditions for full details. 

                                Enjoy your Encha and the subscription savings!