Encha Organic Matcha Farm

Our Guiding Principle

Encha is an organic matcha tea brand. Our farm-to-cup practices ensure quality, reduce trading layers, and support the communities in which we farm.

Ever since Encha Founder, Dr. Li Gong, paid his first visit to an organic matcha farm in Uji, Japan, we’ve worked directly with that farm to produce the best-tasting, highest-quality matcha. We have visibility into the entire process — from growing to grinding, to packaging. 

Click here to see independent reports to verify our USDA-certified organic status, which indicates our matcha has no radioactivity and no lead. Encha only offers pure and organic matcha green tea powder — meaning no additives, no preservatives, and always non-GMO.  


Why Japan?

Encha Founder in Organic Matcha Green Tea Farm in Autumn and Taste Matcha

Terroir is monumental in creating the delicate umami flavor of our matcha powder, which is always pure, never sweetened. Our tea leaves are plucked in the first and second harvests from our organic matcha farms in the hills of Uji, Japan. Matcha connoisseurs consider Uji to have the ultimate terroir for matcha growth and cultivation, yielding the most premium matcha in the world.



One of the ways matcha differs from green tea is that it is shade-grown and ground into powder. Green tea plants that are intended for matcha are shaded for about three weeks before harvest. During this time, the plants grow more theanine, which provides a calming sensation when you enjoy a cup of matcha.


Why Organic?

Did you know that only about 1% of teas sold in the U.S. are organic? Furthermore, most commercially sold matcha in both Japan and the U.S. is non-organic. We want to change that.

From growing to grinding all the way to our food-safe packaging, we take care in every step to create the purest, most enriching matcha powder available. All of our tea leaves are USDA certified organic, which means we’ll never use chemical pesticides or fertilizers, ensuring you get the best-tasting matcha with the most health benefits. 

organic matcha tea field Encha with wild flowers

Our farms rely on a delicate ecosystem of natural fertilizer and pest control. All of our matcha is shade-grown, hand-picked, and stone-ground, yielding a vibrant green hue and rich, complex flavor. 

  • Bio-dynamic Ecosystem: Organic tea farms rely on a delicate ecosystem to keep things running smoothly.
  • No Pesticides: We never use pesticides, instead we rely on bigger insects to eat smaller insects.
  • Natural Organic Fertilizer: Our organic tea plants are fed with organic natural fertilizers like composted leaves and wildflowers.
  • Unmatched flavor: Compared to non-organic matcha of the same grade, organic matcha tends to taste grassier with more complex tasting notes. You can also expect a bright green hue.