Matcha Benefits: Science, Guide, and Encha Community Stories

People drink Encha organic matcha for two main benefits: Zenergy from theanine+caffeine and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits from catechins (inc. EGCG). For a brief review of scientific studies, please see matcha science review. To observe your benefits from drinking Encha, download this one-pager Self-Study Guide.

Zenergy from Theanine + Caffeine

The magical benefit in matcha is its unique combination of mentally calming theanine (L-theanine) and moderate caffeine. Many people feel mental alertness without jitter and longer mental focus without crash from drinking Encha. Coffee doesn't contain theanine. That's the key difference. Regular tea leaves don't have enough theanine. 

When Encha matcha plants are shaded before harvest, the plants grow more theanine and caffeine. Read Section 1 of matcha science review to understand the science behind it.

 Guide for Monitoring Zenergy from Drinking Encha

  • Tea drinkers: Start each morning with a cup of Encha at breakfast. Try another serving after lunch if needed.
  • Light coffee drinkers (1-2 cups a day): Try replacing coffee with Encha for one week. Drink Encha when you would drink coffee. 
  • Heavy coffee drinkers (3+ cups a day): Try replacing coffee with Encha for one week. You may experience withdrawal headache in the first few days. Drink Encha whenever you would drink coffee. Gradually you would need less Encha than coffee. 


Antioxidant Catechins (inc. EGCG)

Antioxidant is a general word describing the molecules that prevent free radicals from oxidating human cells. Oxidation underlies aging and many diseases including cancer. There are many kinds of antioxidants. A powerful antioxidant, named Catechins, is abundant in natural green tea leaves, hence in whole-leaf ground-up matcha powder. The most active and abundant catechin is EGCG. Read Section 2 of matcha science review for linked scientific studies. All three grades of Encha Organic Matcha have the same amount of Catechins. So abundant that people call it antioxidant powerhouse. 

Guide for Monitoring Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Benefits from Drinking Encha

  • Skin: Take weekly pictures of your face without any makeup in the same lighting. In 2-3 months, you might see smoother and brighter skin because antioxidant Catechins are anti-inflammatory (see this study).
  • Metabolism: All other things equal, drinking Encha daily should stimulate metabolism and maintain weight control. Also do not skip breakfast when you drink your morning Encha because it stimulates metabolism. Instead, go light on your dinner. (see this study)
  • Immunity: Monitor your health measures and share with us how your general immunity and specific health measures might be improved. (see Summary on National Cancer Institute)

Note: Information on Encha site and products is NOT medical advice. You should obtain medical advice from a licensed health care professional. If you experience any adverse effects from drinking Encha, you should stop right away. See Encha Terms and Conditions for full details. 

Encha Community Stories

Celebrate a growing community of Encha Drinkers with authentic stories of enjoying the benefits and taste of Encha Organic Matcha. To submit your story, please email Encha team ( or use Encha community hashtag #MyEncha on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Mom and Baby holding a cup of matcha coconut latte using Encha Organic MatchaSarah, California

"Kitchen stunts aside, my typical day starts when the baby boss demands I get out of bed, followed by a ritual of brewing an Encha matcha latte together. Not a coffee drinker here (I’m a unicorn), but with Zoella dictating my sleep, I need a morning energy boost like woah.

Unlike other green tea, matcha plants are shaded for about 3 weeks before harvest, which fills them with theanine – together with caffeine, this combo triggers a calm alertness without the jolt & crash associated with coffee. THIS IS EVERYTHING. And its what gets me through a shower (for me), a bath (for baby), at least five books, two diaper changes, tummy time, and a “pull out all the stops to keep baby entertained while I brush my hair” circus show all before 11am without crashing."

Encha organic matcha benefit testimonial story from KatKat, Florida

"I first discovered matcha through main chain coffee shop (green tea latte). I absolutely loved it, however, I knew it was loaded with processed sugars and my body protested every time I had one. So I became interested and preparing matcha myself, and bought the first brand of matcha I found that didn't have added sugars. Later on, I connected with Encha through Instagram, and was utterly shocked when I opened my first Encha ceremonial grade matcha packet. It was the brightest green! The matcha I had been buying looked yellow-brown compared to it, and the taste was much richer. Of course I couldn't go back to any other brands after trying Encha's matcha. Moreover, it so happened that when I discovered Encha I was also cleaning up my diet and lifestyle from environmental toxicities. I had previously learned that matcha and other green teas grown in places like China had a high risk of containing toxicity from the soil, so I was aiming for a matcha brand that was originally from Japan, organic and radioactivity-free. It was those three factors, along with its bright green color that led me to switch to Encha as my matcha brand of choice.
It is so important for me to have a clean source of matcha, because it is something I drink everyday. As a result, I love my morning routine! I am really into detoxifying my body on a consistent basis, and drinking matcha tea first thing in the morning helps kickstart my metabolism. Also, though matcha has caffeine, it also contains theanine, an amino acid that promotes a 'calm' state of mind. So I never experience a "crash", but enjoy a soothing feeling of alertness as I start my day. To prepare it, I use a teaspoon of ceremonial grade matcha, and pour about 1/3 cup hot spring water over it. In this way, it is easier to whisk it and get that frothy bright green foam at the top. Afterwards, I add the rest of the water, plus half a tablespoon of organic raw honey and mix it in!"

Encha organic matcha community story JameeJamee, Illinois

"In the fall of 2014, I started looking into making my own vegan matcha lattes because I learned that my beloved Starbucks green tea lattes came premixed with a lot of sugar. I researched different matcha types and quality and tried one highly reviewed brand, which I enjoyed but the flavor was lacking for me. Fortunately I became connected with Li Gong on Instagram, and was truly inspired by his passion for organic matcha. To my delight, I found out he was getting ready to launch his own matcha business selling packets of organic matcha powder straight from a tea farm in Japan which he personally visited and selected. As soon as he announced the opening of Encha's online store, I knew I had to try it right away. I ordered a packet of their vegan latte-grade matcha so I could mix it with unsweetened almond milk, and when it arrived, I knew from the first sip that it was going to be my favorite. The bright green color, fine texture, and smooth flavor of the latte grade was even better than the ceremonial grade matcha (the finest grade) that I'd tried from the other brand.

Since then, I've enjoyed a matcha almond milk latte nearly every morning, and paired with a healthy plant-based diet, I've noticed several benefits: sustained, focused energy throughout the day, smoother skin, better sleep, increased productivity, easily maintained healthy weight, and overall positive outlook. Drinking an Encha matcha latte has become my favorite part of the morning, no matter what I'm doing. When I'm at home, my matcha ritual is this: I use an immersion blender to perfectly mix 1 tsp of latte-grade matcha with about 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a couple drops of organic stevia in a large glass. I add some ice cubes because I love it extra cold, and then I drink it slowly from a glass straw throughout the morning, savoring each sip. When I'm on the go, I use a shaker bottle to mix it up and bring my matcha with me to work or when I'm traveling. I'm so glad Encha has made such high-quality matcha available to us here in the states; my days are so much better because of it! "

Masha, California

"I was hooked on Encha Organic Matcha from my first sip. It tasted smooth, earthy and comforting, and has quickly come to replace my morning or afternoon coffee! My favorite is the ceremonial matcha with a touch of honey, which is perfect before my early morning commute. Encha organic matcha really wakes me up for the day while allowing me to stay relaxed-what an amazing feeling! It also feels great knowing that I am drinking only pure, organic ingredients that are good for my body, mind and the earth." 

Alex, New York

"I’ve always been a tea drinker, but I’m new to the matcha train, so I’m still exploring fun ways to prepare it. So far, I’ve been kicking off every morning with a latte—I use a hand frother to mix almond milk, a spoon of Vegan Latte Encha, and a few drops of honey. It’s super savory, smooth, and a bright green hue (my favorite color!). 

I can get pretty busy with work, projects, my clan of friends, etc.—so busy that sometimes I forget to make time to take care of myself. Making a cup of organic matcha is something small I can do each day to help me feel like I’m keeping myself healthy."

Kris, California

"As a person that is always on the go and a very busy schedule, I make myself a shake and go bottle of Encha vegan latte grade. I take it to work or school and it helps me power through the day. Before, I never really drank anything in the morning except water. I tried coffee but it gave me horrible crashes and jitters.

When I started drinking Encha I felt this calm and wakefulness energy. I've also noticed at the end of one month that drinking pure organic matcha helped with my breakouts too. The antioxidant of catechin was reducing the inflammation which healed the pimple faster without it being full blown. My favorite grade of Encha is the vegan latte because it has bitterness but not too much. I like to enjoy it as a shake and go, or when I have time I like to mix it with pure organic almond milk for a perfect frothy latte." 

Meaghan, California

"My daily routine is drinking Ceremonial-Grade Encha twice a day. I'm always on-the-go in the morning so I like to take it in a shaker bottle. In the afternoon, I'll enjoy a nice hot Ceremonial tea after lunch as a refresher. I used to always feel groggy before drinking Encha Organic Matcha, but now I feel awake and focused. I used to suffer from really bad breakouts and I've noticed now that my skin is a lot clearer and brighter than before." 

Li, California

"Every morning, I whisk a bowl of hot organic matcha tea using the ceremonial-grade Encha and then have my breakfast of overnight oats or multigrain porridge. Unlike the groggy morning I often had before, drinking Encha really helps me gain a calm and alert state of mental energy and focus. Zenergy does describe it well. After lunch, I change it up between hot almond matcha latte or iced coconut matcha latte, or simply shaking Encha with water, using latte-grade Encha. I don't have afternoon slump anymore except when I am very tired. So, two packets of Encha work well for me each month.

After 2-3 months of daily drinking of Encha, my friends saw my skin became smoother. Now I have been drinking Encha for over 1 year, I haven't fallen sick at all. A few times I almost came down with a cold when people around me were sick. Then I drank more Encha, slept more, and I became fine."



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