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Matcha Benefits: Scientific Review and Encha Guide

Matcha Benefits

People drink Encha Organic Matcha for two main benefits:

  • Zenergy from theanine+caffeine 
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits from catechins (incl. EGCG).

For a brief review of scientific studies, please see matcha science review.

To observe your benefits from drinking Encha, download the one-pager Encha Self-Study Guide.

Zenergy from Theanine + Caffeine

The magical benefit in matcha is its unique combination of mentally  calming theanine (L-theanine) and moderate caffeine. Many people feel mental  alertness without jitter and longer mental focus without crash from drinking  Encha. Coffee doesn't contain theanine. That's the key difference. Regular tea  leaves don't have enough theanine. 

When Encha organic matcha plants are shaded for about 3 weeks before harvest, the plants grow more theanine and caffeine. Read Section 1 of matcha science review to understand the science behind it.

Guide for Monitoring Zenergy from Drinking Encha

  • Tea drinkers: Start each morning with a cup of Encha at breakfast. Try another serving after lunch if needed.
  • Light coffee drinkers (1-2 cups a day): Try replacing coffee with Encha for one week. Drink Encha when you would drink coffee. 
  • Heavy coffee drinkers (3+ cups a day): Try replacing coffee with Encha for one week. You may experience withdrawal headache in the first few days. 


Antioxidant Catechins (inc. EGCG)

Antioxidant is a general word describing the molecules that prevent free radicals from oxidating human cells. Oxidation underlies aging and many diseases including cancer. There are many kinds of antioxidants. A powerful antioxidant, named Catechins, is abundant in natural green tea leaves, hence in whole-leaf ground-up matcha powder. The most active and abundant catechin is EGCG. Read Section 2 ofmatcha science review for linked scientific studies. All three grades of Encha Organic Matcha have the same amount of Catechins. So abundant that people call it antioxidant powerhouse. 

Guide for Monitoring Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Benefits from Drinking Encha

  • Skin: Take weekly pictures of your face without any makeup in the same lighting. In 2-3 months, you might see smoother and brighter skin because antioxidant Catechins are anti-inflammatory. (see this study).
  • Metabolism: All other things equal, drinking Encha daily should stimulate metabolism and help weight management. Also do not skip breakfast when you drink your morning Encha because it stimulates metabolism. Instead, go light on your dinner. (see this study)
  • Immunity: Monitor your health measures and share with us how your general immunity and specific health measures might be improved. (see Summary on National Cancer Institute)

Note: Information on Encha site and products is NOT medical advice. You should obtain medical advice from a licensed health care professional. If you experience any adverse effects from drinking Encha, you should stop right away. See Encha Terms and Conditions for full details.