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Read details about related scientific studies and how to monitor benefits from drinking Encha.

"To Cup" - Celebrate Encha Community #MyEncha

Encha organic matcha benefit testimonial story from KatKat, Florida

"It is so important for me to have a clean source of matcha, because it is something I drink everyday. As a result, I love my morning routine!..."

Mom and Baby holding a cup of matcha coconut latte using Encha Organic MatchaSarah, California

"Kitchen stunts aside, my typical day starts when the baby boss demands I get out of bed, followed by a ritual of brewing an Encha matcha latte together..."

Encha organic matcha community story JameeJamee, Illinois

"I started looking into making my own vegan matcha lattes because I learned that my beloved Starbucks green tea lattes came premixed with a lot of sugar..."

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Learn about Encha grade difference.

How to whisk a perfect bowl of ceremonial Encha; or, 5 ways to make Encha latte.


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