The Best Uji Matcha on the Planet

Whether looking to start your day the healthy way or tap into a daily ritual that can lift a weight of stress from your shoulders, matcha green tea is the ultimate choice. However, not all matcha green teas are made equal. You deserve the best Matcha powder on the market. You deserve Uji matcha.

Here at Encha, we pride ourselves on helping you enjoy organic matcha by providing the best matcha powder and accessories on the market. Here’s why it’s the only green tea that you will ever need.

What is Uji Matcha?

Matcha green tea is made from ground Camellia Sinensis leaves and delivers a wide range of benefits thanks to its caffeine, antioxidant properties, and detoxifying capabilities. Regular consumers of the drinks can expect to enjoy reduced blood pressure, reduced bad cholesterol, increased alertness, boosted energy, higher metabolism rates, and a calmer mental state. The combination of mentally calming L-theanine and caffeine delivers what we call Zenergy, or calming energy, that can ultimately enhance many aspects of your life.

In short, it can become your secret weapon in the bid for improved physical and mental health.

The ritual of making and consuming matcha green tea in Japan can be dated back to at least the ninth century and the leaves are grown throughout the country’s four main islands. However, it is commonly agreed that matcha tea originating from the city of Uji is the best. Uji is situated in between the two ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara and enjoys hot summers combined with cold winters, creating the perfect environment for the Camellia Sinensis plant to grow.

Uji matcha powders come from a special green leaf called tencha, guaranteeing the finest organic ceremonial-grade powder available. Organic matcha tea that originates from this region subsequently provides a luxurious, intensely rich flavor while also unleashing all of the aforementioned health benefits.

When searching for the best matcha powder available, Uji matcha is the only solution you should consider.

Encha ceremonial matcha powder: the #1 choice

While all matcha tea products hailing from the Uji region are likely to produce high-quality green tea, Encha ceremonial grade matcha powder stands out as the best matcha from Uji and the best matcha powder overall. 

In addition to a promise that only organic ingredients from matcha tea farms in Uji will be used, the tencha leaves undergo an extensive growing process to provide the best taste time and time again. Furthermore, when choosing our products, you can be certain that all leaves used for the powder were hand-picked for quality control while no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used during the process. This makes it the healthiest matcha powder too.

Whether purchased alone or as part of a matcha tea kit for beginners, there are many reasons to love Encha’s ceremonial matcha powder. The most telling attributes are detailed below:


Whether you purchase a 15 servings sachet or 150 servings bag, your Encha Uji matcha will deliver consistently premium tastes one cup after the next. The taste profile is defined as smooth, full-bodied, and earthy with clear hints of delicately grassy flavors. It is never bitter and will deliver an unmistakable and intensely rich flavor from the first sip to the last. The complex taste also brings a touch of nuttiness that completes the satisfying aftertaste.

For a sweeter taste and velvety consistency, you may wish to try the Encha matcha latte instead. This can be prepared with or without milk, allowing you to adapt the taste to match your preference. 


The green leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant are ground down to a powder with a stone grinder as per the traditional chanoyu art of Japanese tea making. This process leads to a fine powdered texture that is not impacted by lumps, ensuring that the tea can be prepared for an ultra-smooth drinking experience that aligns perfectly with the consistent taste profile that the Encha matcha powder delivers.  

This guaranteed fine texture also allows you to focus on adding the water and whisking it until the green tea is made rather than grinding the powder yourself. This promotes a far more relaxed experience.


The benefits of matcha tea aren’t limited to the taste. It should be a treat for all the senses, especially when you want to enjoy the green tea preparation ritual. By using young hand-picked leaves, the Encha ceremonial matcha powder delivers a deep and vibrant green color. As you whisk the powder into the water, the color becomes a little less intense than when it’s in its powder form. However, it still has a vibrant green that matches the taste profile.

One of the many reasons that the powder retains such a vibrant color is that the organic leaves are not impacted by pesticides or other additives in the growing process. As such, that rich color is a very reassuring feature. 


If your green tea is going to become a delight for all the senses rather than just a taste sensation, the aroma has to be right too. After all, it has a very powerful influence on your mindset and emotional response to the beverage. The aroma of the organic leaves is very similar to the taste profile. The most telling notes are fresh and grassy hints while other notable elements include nutty and earthy tones. 

Overall, this promotes a truly calming zen-like experience. The aroma begins to calm you even as you prepare the green tea for a truly relaxed atmosphere that can be enjoyed morning or night. Drinking matcha tea never felt better.

Start your matcha tea journey today

Embarking on a quest for the best Uji matcha leads straight to the exquisite offerings of Encha Matcha, where tradition and flavor converge in a harmonious blend. Within the realm of Encha Matcha, the distinction between culinary vs ceremonial matcha becomes a nuanced exploration, allowing aficionados to tailor their matcha experience to individual tastes. For those seeking excellence in larger quantities, Encha's wholesale matcha and bulk matcha options promise not only economic advantages but an unwavering commitment to quality.

Elevating the journey is Encha's dedication to offering the best organic matcha powder, ensuring that every sip is not only a sensory delight but also an embrace of the inherent health benefits of premium, organically sourced matcha. In the realm of Uji matcha, Encha stands as a beacon, delivering vibrant green hues, a velvety texture, and a commitment to time-honored traditions, solidifying its position as the epitome of the best Uji matcha on the planet.

Ceremonial grade matcha tea is an incredible beverage that can boost your energy levels and bring a little tranquility to your lifestyle. Meanwhile, the calming ritual of preparing your green tea is one that can be enjoyed alone or with a friend. Either way, Encha ceremonial matcha powder is the finest matcha powder on the market.

Add a cup of daily happiness to your life by ordering your Encha matcha powder today!


What Makes Uji Matcha Unique and Special?

Uji Matcha stands out due to its origin in the historical Uji region of Japan. This area is renowned for its ideal climate, nutrient-rich soil, and traditional cultivation methods, resulting in matcha with exceptional taste and quality. Uji Matcha carries a legacy of centuries-old craftsmanship, making it a sought-after choice for matcha connoisseurs.

How Can I Identify Authentic Uji Matcha?

Authentic Uji Matcha is typically labeled with the "Uji" designation, indicating its origin. Look for matcha sourced directly from Uji, Japan, to ensure its quality and heritage. Additionally, check for vibrant green color, fine texture, and a smooth, umami-rich flavor profile. Reliable sellers often provide detailed information about their matcha's origins, cultivation methods, and quality testing, assuring you of its authenticity.