Encha Galaxy Matcha Bowl (limited edition) - Matcha tools -

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$ 38.50

(By Encha)

Encha Galaxy matcha bowl is the fourth matcha ceramics hand-made by our local potter in San Jose, California. I am stunned by its abstract and natural color beauty. It reminds me of the galaxy images (e.g., by NASA). No two Encha Galaxy bowls are identical, but all with its complex and gorgeous color variation. All Encha ceramics are lead-free. 

Encha Galaxy matcha bowl has the same size as Encha Zen and Wave bowl, with a total volume of about 18 oz. When you whisk your Encha in it, fill it up about 1/3 way which is about 5-6 oz. Holding Encha organic matcha in it feels like a work of beauty!

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