Why Organic

From growing to grinding all the way to our food-safe packaging, we take great care in every step to create the purest, most enriching matcha powder available.

Our matcha is ground from the most tender leaves, plucked from the first or second harvest each spring from our organic farm in Uji, Japan. All of our tea leaves are USDA certified organic, which means we’ll never use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our farms rely on a delicate ecosystem of natural fertilizer and pest control. All of our matcha is shade-grown, hand-picked, and stone-ground, yielding a vibrant green hue and rich, complex flavor.

How to Spot High-Quality Matcha

  • Your package should always feature the USDA Certified Organic stamp.
  • Bugs in the home: bad. Bugs on the farm: good! The little critters indicate a lack of pesticides.
  • Make sure the farm doesn't use machines, which lead to petrol or metalloid contamination in the soil. (Psst: ours doesn't!)
  • Furthermore, hand-picked leaves yield the best taste and maximum health benefits.
  • The quickest way to make sure it's top-notch? A bright, vibrant green hue.