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Encha Organic Matcha for Wholesale

Matcha wholesale bulk from Encha Organic Matcha

I have always enjoyed relaxing in a local coffee or tea house. In fact, I wrote my Stanford Ph.D. dissertation in coffee houses. I get jitters from coffee. So chai latte was my thing...until I discovered matcha and then founded Encha Organic Matcha. Now it is such an honor to give back by offering the best matcha for wholesale to all the beautiful local cafes, other superfood manufacturers, and health-food grocery stores.

Bulk Matcha Powder for Coffee House, Tea House, Cafes, Restaurants and Superfoods Manufacturers

We carry 500 grams (1.1 pounds) bulk size for all three grades of Encha Organic Matcha. For large volume customers, our farm can also pack in kilogram (kg) sizes. 

Encha is exclusively organic with USDA organic certificate and is mentioned by Time Magazine as a safe matcha.  

Organic matcha grown in Japan is more expensive than conventional matcha in Japan or matcha grown in China. Conventional matcha powder contains pesticide residues and you can't rinse matcha powder.

All three grades of Encha are pure, organic matcha green tea powder, USDA-certified, grown on our farm in the Uji mountains outside Kyoto, Japan. Read more about Encha grade differences here

  • Ceremonial Grade Encha: premium 1st harvest, ground from the most tender leaves each spring. It is best suited for the menu items of pure ceremonial matcha tea, matcha shot, or sprinkled matcha powder.
  • Latte Grade Encha: 1st harvest, ground from standard high-quality leaves each spring. Encha is the only brand that offers a latte grade using first harvest organic matcha. Matcha latte and other mixed drinks using Encha is much greener and smoother than using the cheaper 2nd or 3rd harvest matcha. Sweetener is not necessary. 
    • Latte-grade Encha from 1st harvest is also a high-quality and cost-effective choice for manufacturers to make matcha chocolate, matcha bars, and other matcha superfoods.
  • Culinary Grade Encha: premium 2nd harvest in late June before summer heat hits the matcha green tea plants. Its stronger taste holds well in bittersweet matcha latte, smoothie, ice cream, baked goods, etc.

Sarah of Snixy Kitchen captured the colors of three grades of Encha Organic Matcha beautifully. Thank you, Sarah!

Matcha grades Encha organic matcha

Wholesale Encha Matcha to Retailers: Grocery Stores and Supermarkets 

If you run a health-food grocery store or supermarket, please indicate which consumer-size Encha products will enhance your matcha collection to better serve your local community. 

Free Shipping and How to Order

Bulk size Encha is not listed on for the public to buy. We create and email you an invoice which you can pay online.

We strive to provide free shipping for bulk-size orders within the U.S. 

  • USPS Priority for West Coast: California, Oregon, Washington
  • UPS Ground for further locations

    We ship from our office in San Jose, California. 

    Encha Organic Matcha is grown, ground and packaged on our farm in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. Please indicate your quantity request as early as you can.

    Please Email Us Your Needs

    Please send your wholesale inquiry to .

      • the name and address of your business; 

      • the link to your web site or Yelp page;

      • which grade of Encha interests you and your estimated quantity   

      We have also set up a value-saving bundle product: Encha Ensemble, for trying all three grades of Encha for only $62, saving $12.85. Free U.S. shipping. Enjoy your matcha tasting and recipe experiment. 

      Encha Ensemble all three grades of organic matcha for wholesale


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      Recipe Instruction for How to Make Iced Layered Matcha Latte

      The iced matcha latte with distinct layers of green matcha and white milk is the best seller in many matcha cafes. Enjoy watching this short instructional video of Coco-Encha.

      How to Make Ceremonial Matcha Tea for Baristas and Tea Connoisseurs

      The most comprehensive video for learning how to whisk matcha in a traditional ceremonial style using a matcha chawan and a matcha whisk, "How to Whisk Ceremonial Encha Matcha".

      Let us know if you have any specific questions for how to use the bamboo matcha whisk (chasen).