Matcha Latte Art Recipe: Home-made Encha zen swirl almond matcha latte art

Encha Zen Swirl Organic Almond Matcha Latte Art: Become a home Encharista

Created by Dr. Gong of Encha Team 

Make time: 10 minutes

Organic, Natural, Vegan

Matcha latte art Encha zen swirl with almond milk 
Yes, you can make a simple and yet elegant matcha latte art yourself at home, by simply mastering the small cute matcha bamboo whisk. It is a fraction of cost for an espresso milk foaming machine.

It is a great way to slow down just for 10 minutes to whisk your Encha organic matcha, whisk your favorite milk, and hand pour a zen-inspired swirl pattern. The milk should have enough density to froth in a thick microfoam, for example, almond, cashew nut or soy milk. 

And the complexity of rich tastes is amazing, because you can taste the refreshing savory taste of Encha and the nutty flavor of almond milk at different stages. Let's begin our little Encharista journey :-)

Matcha latte art recipe instructions almond milk with Encha vegan latte grade pure organic matcha from Japan


  • 1 tsp or 2 bamboo scoops of Encha Vegan Latte-Grade Pure Organic Matcha
    (Vegan latte-grade Encha provides the perfect balance of smooth texture and savory matcha taste to mix with almond or other non-dairy milk. Vegan latte-grade Encha is not bitter. So you can go zero or light on sweetener.) 
  • 6 oz (3/4 cup) of organic milk (almond, cashew nut, soy...milk): coconut milk is too thin to form a dense foam
    (Make your own nut milk using a nutbag or we recommend Whole Foods' 365 Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk which doesn't contain carrageenan) 
  • Optional: organic natural sweetener (agave, maple syrup, etc)


  1. Heat the milk to be warm and under boiling. Heat water to before boiling. 
  2. Pour the almond milk to your matcha bowl (add your choice of sweetener if desired).
  3. Whisk for 30 seconds or longer in a straight "I" line back and forth very FAST to stir up a wave.
    Tip: Hold the bamboo whisk vertically from the top; Shake your wrist but keep your arm still to get the speed and ease; Do not scratch the bottom the bowl, Suspend the whisk. Have fun:-)
  4. After you see a bowl-ful almond milk frothy wave, whisk at the large bubbles to reduce them to a microfoam surface. Set it aside.
  5. Now scoop your Encha Organic Matcha powder into a formerly called cappuccino cup (8oz capacity). 
  6. Pour 1 oz hot water (about 160-170 F) to the cup.
  7. Whisk in a circular pattern (due to the small cup). Rotate the cup slightly to see the bottom of the cup to make sure no clumps are left. Now let's start the latte art pouring fun. 
  8. Transfer the frothed milk to a pouring mug with a narrow spout, stomp it slightly to burst the big bubbles.
  9. Start to pour by holding the milk high to let the gravity push the milk into the matcha
  10. When you see the dense foam starting to pour out, lower the spout to be near the surface, pause a second to let the foam build up in the center, and then swirl counter-clock wise to form an "e".
  11. "e" is enjoying organic matcha = Encha.