Iced Matcha Tea with Fruit Ice Cubes

Iced Matcha Tea with Fruit Ice Cubes

Created by Encha Team 

Make time: 10 minutes

Organic, Natural, Vegan

Iced Matcha Tea with Rainbow Fruit Ice Cubes Recipe Encha

Iced Matcha Tea with Fruit Ice Cubes perfect for Fourth of July theme

It’s ingenious to mix iced Encha Organic Matcha tea with frozen fresh fruit ice cubes.

  • First, you refresh yourself with iced matcha.
  • Then, as the ice cubes gradually melt, you continue to refresh yourself with increasingly fruit-infused light matcha water.
  • In the end, you eat all the fruits.
By that time, a hot summer afternoon has successfully passed. Or, all the family members and friends have had fun drinking it while chatting and partying.

Summer drink is never the same again. Create your own rainbow fruit ice cubes. Decorate for the Fourth of July Independence Day holiday. You can make white stars with almond or coconut milk ice cubes, green stars with Encha, and even red stripes with frozen watermelon sticks.

Iced Matcha Tea with Fruit Ice Cubes Recipe Encha


  • Green and matcha tea: 1 or 1/2 tsp of ceremonial-grade Encha or latte-grade Encha 
  • Red fruits: raspberry or strawberry for ice cubes. Freeze the cut watermelon sticks for the stripes
  • Orange and yellow: mango or peach
  • Blue: blueberry
  • Purple: red grapes
  • White: almond or coconut milk


  1. Place the fruits into your ice cube trays at least 3 hours before the serving time. Make it a fruit decoration party!
  2. Matcha tea, being liquid, might spill over to other tray cells. So you can pour carefully or pour matcha into its own ice cube tray, for example, a star-shaped cube tray. Cute!
  3. You can either stack up all the ice cubes and patiently sip as the ice cubes melt.
  4. Or, you can pour a serving or half a serving of iced Encha tea into the ice cubes right away. Sip it. Let the ice cubes melt gradually. Continue to sip it. At last, eat all the fruits!
Iced Matcha Tea with Fruit Ice Cubes by Encha