Iced Matcha Tea: 5 Ways to Shake up your Encha Organic Matcha

Iced Matcha Tea: 5 Ways to Shake up your Encha Organic Matcha

Created by Kris and Dr. Gong of Encha Team 

Make time: 1-5 minutes

Organic, Natural, Vegan

Iced matcha green tea with pineapple ring and strawberry heartsMatcha is revolutionizing iced tea in terms of both ease and healthiness. You do not need to add sugar when you drink Encha Organic Matcha,. All five ways of iced Encha organic matcha tea, experimented by the Encha team, can be simply shaken up in a bottle.

To sweeten it naturally with fruits, being infused or as garnish, we have experimented with 5 ways of iced Encha organic matcha green tea summer drinks. Enjoy reading our tasting notes, try your own and share your favorite way with family, friends and coworkers. 

How to Shake Encha Matcha Powder just with Water


Shake matcha in a bottle with Encha organic matcha

Simple Shake for Iced Matcha Green Tea

  • Add 8-16 oz cold water to your water bottle 
  • Add 1 tsp Encha or 1 mini-Encha single packet: ceremonial-grade Encha or latte-grade Encha is both good, very refreshing. 
  • Add 2 ice cubes: Ice cubes help crush and dissolve the matcha powder
  • Shake for 15-20 seconds in different directions. Voila!

Other Natural Fruit Ingredients You can Pair with for more Fun

  • Lemon, lime & mint, strawberry and peach

    Matcha powder Encha lemon lime strawberry recipe


    We will walk through these 5 ways of iced Encha tea from great to good to not so good.

    1. A Simple Shake of Iced Encha Organic Matcha Tea - GREATIced matcha tea

    Tasting note: Iced Encha with just water is so smooth and refreshingly grassy. It is perfect for people who prefer a pure matcha taste. If you have a sweet tooth, jump to "3 - peach-infused matcha tea".

    Matcha for office

    The beauty of shaking up a bottle of iced Encha matcha with just water is you can enjoy it in the office, on the beach, or at the pool.

    2. Tripe Green Iced Encha Tea with Mint and Lime - GREAT

    Iced matcha tea with lime and mint Encha organic matcha

    Tasting note: Pour shaken-up iced Encha to a big glass of ice with lime and mint leaves. It feels like a green goddess garden. Perfect if you like everything green and appreciate the triplet of smooth grassy note, uplifting minty flavor, and refreshing lime taste. 

    Iced matcha tea with lime and mint Encha organic matcha

    3. Peach-Infused Iced Encha Tea - Great 


    Tasting note: Infuse a bottle of water with 4 slices of summer ripe peach in the frig overnight. Next day, shake up your Encha powder with the infused water and pour it back to the bottle or glass with the peach slices. A subtle note of peach sweetness, so natural and yummy!


    4. Iced Encha Tea with Strawberry Hearts - Good 

    Tasting note: We didn't infuse the strawberry hearts on the night before as the fresh ones look so pretty. The instant pour of iced Encha tea over strawberry produces only a faint hint of strawberry note. We let it sit in the frig for a few hours. The taste becomes a bit sour from the berry note and the color gets a bit muddy from the interaction between the green and the red. So we don't recommend infusing matcha tea with strawberry. Just enjoy your fresh strawberry as a garnish. 

    Iced matcha with Encha organic matcha and fresh strawberry hearts

    5. Iced Encha Tea with Fresh Lemon - Not so good 

    Tasting note: Lemon brings out a very strong tangy and slightly bitter note. Its yellow color also affects the beautiful green color of Encha. So we don't recommend making lemonade with matcha. As always, we never add sugar in Encha recipes. Only natural ingredients. 


    • Enjoy your iced Encha simply with water and ice if you love the refreshingly grassy and smooth taste.
    • Infuse peach on the night before, or garnish with fresh berries on the side if you want to naturally sweeten it up

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