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Encha Ceremonial Matcha Set with Jar and Traditional Whisk Kit (Free Shipping)

Great news: The new Encha Matcha Glass Jar is now included in the Ceremonial Matcha Set! A great deal!

Encha Ceremonial Matcha Set

1. One Encha Matcha Glass Jar, containing 30g (1.06oz) of Encha Ceremonial-Grade Pure Organic Matcha + Two single packets of mini-Encha Latte-Grade Pure Organic Matcha

  • You can whisk up both grades as pure matcha tea with water or as matcha latte with almond, coconut or other milk.
  • Within 2 cups, you will know which grade and which style suit your taste.

2. One Matcha Whisk Trio Kit

  • One traditional matcha bamboo whisk
  • One whisk holder (essential for drying the whisk and keeping it in shape)
  • One matcha bamboo scoop 

3. One Encha Informational Pamphlet. 

Free U.S. shipping!

Enjoy your cup of Encha!

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