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Matcha Single Serve Packets: Latte Grade mini-Encha

Exciting news 

  • We just launched quantity price options for 10, 30 and 100 mini-Encha matcha single serve packets.
  • With the quantities of 30 and 100, you enjoy a lower price per packet and we enjoy reducing packaging material and environmental impact. We use a larger green box to contain 30 or 100 single packets. Orders at $50+ for U.S. addresses also get free shipping. 

Latte Grade Encha Organic Matcha

  • Encha is the only brand that offers a higher-quality latte-grade pure matcha using first-harvest organic matcha grown on our farm in the Uji mountains of Kyoto, Japan.
  • Matcha latte using Latte-grade Encha is greener and smoother compared to using lower-quality matcha.
  • For matcha beginners, you can simply shake it with cold water and ice. Then add milk or protein powder and shake thoroughly.
  • Pure matcha green tea powder. USDA certified organic. 
  • No preservatives. Non-GMO. Gluten-free. Vegan.
  • Each mini-Encha matcha single packet contains 2 grams of matcha powder, more than in many other matcha singles. 

Health Benefits of Matcha and Amount per Serving of 2 Grams of Encha:

  • Catechins: ~240mg (includes 120mg EGCG), a powerful antioxidant.
  • Theanine: ~24mg, a precious amino acid almost unique to matcha. It may enhance mental calmness and focus.
  • Caffeine: ~60mg ( = ~2/3 in an 8 oz cup of coffee). Improves alertness and energy level.
  • The unique combination of caffeine and theanine may have the effect of making you feel alert and calm at the same time without jitter and sustaining the mental focus without crash. We call it Zenergy. Studies show its effects on improving mental clarity and cognitive performance.