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Matcha Sampler: Encha mini-Starter (sold out)

Encha Dual-Grade Matcha mini-Starter Sampler Pack includes

  • ceremonial-grade Encha single packets, from the premium 1st harvest on our farm 
  • latte grade Encha single packets, from the standard 1st harvest on our farm 

Read a detailed chart explaining Encha Matcha Grade Differences

A great way to test the calm energy (Zenergy) benefit and explore your preferred Encha grade

  • Watch the 1-min video to see how Masha in California shakes the mini-Encha in a bottle
  • Finish all 6 mini-Encha within 3-6 days without drinking coffee or soda. Use 1 mini-Encha a day if you used to drink coffee or tea once a day; 2 if used to drink 2 a day.

    Enjoy your organic matcha journey!!