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(By Encha)

It took Encha three years to create this complete ceremonial matcha set. So you can have your own Encha organic matcha tea ceremony, with ease and elegance, in your kitchen or on a mountain top. Or, as a matcha set in a gift box embodying the offering of health for the body and zen for the mind. All the items are coherently organized inside a beautiful and sturdy box that will last for centuries. The bamboo lid becomes a tray when you flip it over.

The six pieces in the set are:

1. One Encha Wave matcha bowl

  • Made by our local potter in San Jose, California, USA
  • About 20oz in total volume with the perfect shape for whisking matcha
  • The blue stripe with subtle golden speckles is a natural result when the white glaze on the top meets the black glaze on the bottom
  • We named it Wave bowl to encourage you to whisk up a big wave of matcha and flow with the natural waves of daily life
  • All Encha ceramics are lead-free.

2. One 30g packet of Encha Ceremonial-Grade Pure Organic Matcha

  • From the premium 1st harvest in our farm in Uji, Kyoto, Japan, using the most tender leaves of spring

3. One matcha bamboo whisk
4. One matcha bamboo scoop
5. One black porcelain whisk holder

  • Encha matcha bamboo whisk, scoop and whisk holder trio is made by artisan workers in Anji, China which is known as the bamboo forest town

6. One Encha bamboo tray

  • About 12.5” x 10.5” x 1.25” in size
  • Specially made in Fujian, China as the lid for the box and as the tray to contain and present your Encha in one beautiful set


    • Two FREE mini-Encha single packets in latte grade (not shown in the pics)
      • From the standard 1st harvest in our farm
      • So you can make slightly stronger matcha tea or make matcha latte for comparison
    • One FREE Encha Farm Picture
      • with 8-step illustration of how to whisk matcha on the back
    • Free shipping via UPS Ground 


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