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(By Encha)

A matcha serving set with hand-made ceramics from USA and Japan! It is an innovation that Encha team created with ceramic artisans in US and Japan. Traditional matcha bowls are for solo drinking and would easily spill if you pour. So we designed the Encha Flow matcha pitcher with a pouring spout. Encha Flow pairs beautifully with the two mini-chawan, Cherry Blossom and Plum Blossom cups, hand-made by potters in Japan. All Encha ceramics are lead-free.

Encha Flow has a total volume capacity of about 24 oz, suitable for whisking or frothing up to 16oz of Encha drink with water or healthy milk. Each Encha Blossom cup has 8oz capacity. We recommend around 12 oz for making two cups. The beautiful Encha foam from whisking or frothing will add some volume in the end. 

Free shipping: Even that the Encha serving set is nearly 3lb, making it expensive to ship, we stick to our promise of free shipping for orders over $50. We will ship the set mostly using UPS Ground. 

Enjoy serving your beautiful Encha Organic Matcha with friends and family.

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