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Encha Reusable Glass Jar for Refilling Matcha

You can buy the Encha glass jar just by itself, in its simplest elegance. 

Encha Glass Jar for Matcha Refill 

  • Glass jar body: made of solid, opaque, white, milk glass. Blocks light. Lead-free. 
    • Care: Wipe or air dry completely after cleaning and before refilling matcha powder. Dishwasher safe.
  • Bamboo cap: made of real bamboo with beautiful and natural variations in its pattern. 
    • Not dishwasher safe. Simply wipe it if cleaning is needed.
  • Refill: Refill one week supply of matcha powder
  • Note:
    • Matcha powder is NOT included. 
    • Spoon is not included.

    Share your practice of reuse and refill on Instagram or Facebook (#MyEncha). Thank you for embracing Encha and enjoy your organic matcha!

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