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(By Encha)

After 6 months of design and experimentation, our local potter in California with our Founder created this innovative ceramic piece which we call Encha Flow. This unique artisan work, made in USA, is unlike anything existing in the tea or coffee world. It provides both the optimal form for whisking or frothing your Encha matcha powder AND has a spout and handle to enable you to pour - let your matcha flow. 

Flow is a physical action and mental state that is essential to our liveliness. It reminds us the saying from ancient Chinese Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu - the fluid and soft water will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. It also reminds us the calling from Martin Luther King - "justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream". 

There are endless ways for you to use Encha Flow: to whisk or froth your Encha powder in water or milk, to pour into a cup or bottle, to pour Encha matcha tea over milk, to pour frothed milk over Encha matcha tea, or to play with simple DIY matcha latte art with almond or soy milk.  All Encha ceramics are lead-free.

Encha Flow matcha latte set has two bundle options (choose the Option dropdown under Price):

Option 1: 5 pieces ($88.50 - includes free upgrade to Priority 2-3 biz day shipping)

  1. One Encha Flow ceramic piece.
  2. One 60g (2.12oz) packet of Encha Latte-grade pure organic matcha (from 1st harvest in Japan)
  3. One matcha bamboo whisk.
  4. One black porcelain whisk holder.
  5. One matcha bamboo scoop.
  • One FREE mini-Encha single packet in ceremonial grade: from premium 1st harvest using the most tender leaves, for you to compare and enjoy. 
  • One FREE Encha Intro pamphlet detailing Encha principles and instructions.

Option 2: 2 pieces ($64.50 - includes free upgrade to Priority 2-3 biz day shipping)

  1. One Encha Flow ceramic piece
  2. One 60g (2.12oz) packet of Encha Latte-grade pure organic matcha
  • It doesn't include the bamboo whisk, whisk holder or scoop. Great for folks who already have a whisk or handheld electric frother.
  • It still include one FREE mini-Encha single packet in ceremonial grade and one FREE Encha intro pamphlet.


Let it flow!

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