Encha Dual Ceremonial + Latte Sets in Farm Box (Holiday Limited 12/3-12/17) - Matcha Sets -

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$ 75.00

(By Encha )

We have been brainstorming what will be the best Encha holiday sets that combine health offering, elegant boxes and value saving. The Encha Dual Sets contain two sets in one elegant, brand new, Encha Farm Box, at $75 for products valued at $100.39. The big value saving comes from the FREE 30g packet of Ceremonial-grade Encha!

Encha Dual Sets include

  1. One FREE 30g packet of Ceremonial-grade Encha Organic Matcha (valued at $24.95)
  2. One Encha Farm box containing a traditional matcha whisk, whisk holder and bamboo scoop ($25.50)
  3. One large linen pouch containing a 60g packet of Latte-grade Encha Organic Matcha ($30.95) + a portable electric frother ($18.99)
  4. Two Encha Informational Pamphlets. You can give the whole Dual Sets to one person or distribute them to two family members!

    Total value of $100.39 just for $75

    Plus FREE upgrade to U.S. Priority Shipping (for U.S. addresses). 

    International shipping is open. Rate varies by weight and country.

    Enjoy the limited-time Encha Dual Sets. Hope it brings excitement to your family and friends!

    PS: The little green bow tie is to indicate the 30g packet of Ceremonial Encha as the free add-on gift item. We won't have time to make a bow tie:-)

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