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Encha MIZU Matcha Bowl (limited edition)

Mizu means water in Japanese. When I hold our Mizu matcha bowl, hand-crafted by a chawan potter in Japan, two words come to my mind: organic and flow. 

Mizu bowl is intentionally crafted not to be perfectly round. It has curves which provide a nice grip. The top and inside of the bowl is glazed. Each bowl has its subtle unique variation in the abstract teal, blue and green color pattern. It conjures an image in my mind that pure and clean water flow from the mountain to my bowl of Encha organic matcha. The outside bottom of the bowl is clay, unglazed, with hand-carved marks, to convey a sense of rocks in nature. 

The volume of the Mizu bowl is about 16 oz. All Encha bowls are lead free!

Mizu matcha tea bowl is packed in a rigid green paper box, very handy for gifting!

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