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Encha Matcha Tools (5 options)


Enjoy picking and choosing all the beautiful Encha matcha accessories and tools to create your own Encha sets, for home or office, for yourself or a beloved one.  Choose the dropdown under "Accessories" to choose among the 5 options.

1. Encha Matcha Whisk Trio: $25.50

  • a matcha bamboo whisk
  • a matcha bamboo scoop
  • a matcha whisk holder in black porcelain, essential for the whisk care


  1. For new bamboo whisk: soak in warm water to open up the inner twist of prongs. The curls will straighten up gradually. 
  2. After each use, rinse the whisk in clean water. If some spots stay in the prongs, gently use a brush to remove it.
  3. Let the whisk air dry by placing it on the whisk holder with the inner ring of bamboo prongs inside the hole of the holder.
  4. Do not let your bamboo whisk sit on wet surfaces. Bamboo might develop mold with moisture.
  5. When you whisk your Encha matcha powder, avoid scratching the bottom of bowl with your whisk. That would damage the tips of the bamboo prongs. Instead, you can gently stir the powder at an angle before whisking. During whisking, suspend the whisk vertically in the liquid.  
  6. The bamboo whisk and scoop cannot be dish-washed. It is bamboo!
  7. Wipe your bamboo scoop dry. Moisture cannot go in your packet of Encha. 


2. Encha Matcha Bamboo Whisk: $12.50 

  • The hand-crafted natural bamboo whisk is essential for dissolving Encha matcha powder to be frothy and creamy. 
  • The whisk has 2 rings of totally 80 prongs.
  • Regular kitchen metal whisk will not dissolve matcha powder well. 
  • Hand-made in Anji, Zhejiang, China, which is known for its bamboo forestry and craftsmanship. 

3. Encha Matcha Whisk Holder: $12.50 

  • The whisk holder helps keep the whisk in its perfect shape to avoid the two rings shrinking together
  • The holder also helps the bamboo whisk air dry without touching any wet surface. 
  • It is made of porcelain, very smooth for sliding the whisk on and off. 

4. Encha Matcha Powder Bamboo Sifter: $12.50 

  • To keep the tradition of hand-crafted bamboo ware in tea ceremony, Encha specifically worked with bamboo craftsmen in Anji to make this matcha powder sifter.
  • It is finer than regular steel wire sifter. So Encha bamboo sifter will produce even finer sifted green matcha "snow".

5. Aerolatte® handheld electric frother (comes in a portable case): $18.99

  • From our tests of many handheld frothers, we found Aerolatte® to be the best. 
  • It comes in a portable case, very handy for office.
  • Price is the same as on Amazon.
  • Its spiral whisking head and shaft are made from robust, food-approved 18/8 stainless steel
  • It includes two pre-installed AA alkaline batteries.
  • Designed in Europe. Made in China. 
  • Stir, turn on to froth, turn off to stir potential clumps, and froth again. You will get a beautiful foamy cup of Encha tea or latte. 
  • Rinse to clean. Wipe to dry.