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Encha Bamboo-Cap Glass Tumbler (plus 5 Free mini-Encha)

Encha's newest product creation is here. And, a limited-time FREE add-on of 5 mini-Encha single packets in ceremonial grade (value of $9.95). You can enjoy shaking your iced Encha matcha anywhere: office, beach, park...

Encha Matcha Bamboo-Cap Glass Tumbler

  • Bottle body is made of double-walled borosilicate glass. Lead free.
  • Cap is made of natural bamboo with an Encha logo carving. Do not put the bamboo cap in the dishwasher.
  • Volume is about 15 oz. 

You do not need to leave any note to get the 5 free mini-Encha packets. Encha team will automatically add them to each glass tumbler. We will remove or adjust the free add-on once the limited supply of this special is finished. 

Tip: You can open the mini-Encha packets sideway by ripping it near the top. This way would not create a green matcha mess from ripping it from the zip-zag teeth.

Tip: Fill your Encha Glass Tumbler half way with cold water. Add the Encha matcha powder. Add some ice cubes. Close the cap. Shake it vigorously up and down (not side to side). Fast motion will help dissolve the matcha powder. Enjoy!

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