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(By Encha )

Encha Wave Matcha Bowl is the second beautifully hand-crafted ceramic piece by our local potter in San Jose, California.  We wanted a matcha bowl for folks who like lighter colors, but with subtle sophistication. The natural interaction between the white and the black glazes during firing created a random blue speckled stripe.  I used the first prototype on a family vacation in Hawaii when I took my parents to face and solve a family problem. It was then that “wave” came as an inspiration.

People who are new to whisking matcha tend to be very cautious and afraid of making a splash. We also tend to be afraid of “waves” in our lives. Instead, you should feel free to whisk up a big matcha wave, as Encha matcha bowls are designed for whisking.  After the big wave, you can progressively slow down in W motion to create a calm micro-foam froth for your Encha tea.

Functionally, Encha Wave Bowl is designed in the same way as Zen bowl to be optimal for whisking your Encha Organic Matcha:

  • The subtle bell shape in the bottom offers more room for whisking up a matcha wave.
  • The inward-curved top helps control splashing and is consistent with the meditative note.
  • The size of the bowl is perfect for whisking your Encha, about 4.5" in diameter and 3" in height with about 18-20 oz total capacity. And, it is easy for you to eyeball the amount of water to put in the bowl, about 1/3 of the bowl.
  • The smooth and buttery ceramic feels wonderful in the hands.
  • The blue “wave” stripe is completely a natural creation. Each bowl is hand-crafted in California with its own subtle variation. Each is unique.
  • All Encha bowls and ceramics are lead-free.

Enjoy the Wave!

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