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Matcha Cup: Encha Plum Blossom mini Chawan (Ume)

This gorgeous matcha cup features the Asian plum flower which blossoms when winter transitions into spring in the east Asian climate, which is also the most suitable for growing green tea. Plum blossom, called Ume in Japanese or Mei in Chinese, is the classic symbol of resilience and strength in Japanese and Chinese cultures. When it starts to blossom around February, matcha green tea plants start to gain its strength to grow. New tea buds will sprout in March. 

Encha Plum Blossom Matcha Cup is hand-crafted by century-old artisan potters in Japan. It is lead-free as all Encha ceramics are.

It is about 8-9 oz in total volume, about half of the size of a regular matcha bowl. You can pour your whisked or frothed Encha organic matcha tea or latte into it to replace the old cappuccino or espresso cup. Or, if you are very skilled in whisking, you can directly whisk your Encha powder with 2-3oz water in it. Then add more water to suit your needs.

The lovely texture on the cup is very nice when you hold it in your hand: smooth and earthy.