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Encha Flow matcha pitcher now comes in two design variations: earthy and white. The Earthy Flow has an earthy abstract brown layer in the bottom. The White Flow has a simple white look all around. Encha Flow is the third ceramic pottery work hand-made by our local potter in San Jose, California. Each Encha Flow pitcher is unique with its natural subtle variation. The matte appearance presents a very clean and grounded look. Choose your option in the dropdown under the price. 

Encha Flow has the function that a matcha bowl, a creamer, or even a tea pot provides. It is unlike anything else existing in the tea or coffee world. There are endless ways for you to use Encha Flow: to whisk or froth your Encha powder in water or milk, to pour into a cup or bottle, to pour Encha matcha tea over milk, to pour frothed milk over Encha matcha tea, or to play with simple DIY matcha latte art with almond or soy milk.

The total volume capacity of Encha Flow pitchers is around 24oz, suitable for whisking or frothing up to 16oz of Encha drink. All Encha ceramics are lead-free.

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