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Encha Ensemble (All-Grade Bundle)

We created this special all-grade bundle with $12.85 savings off regular price. If you are new to Encha Organic Matcha and want to try all grades for yourself, family, office or even your coffee/tea house or cafes, Encha Ensemble is a great deal. You can whisk, froth, shake or blend all three grades of Encha pure organic matcha for all the ways you can dream of. Have fun!

Encha Ensemble (All-Grade Special) includes

1. One 30g (1.06oz) packet of Encha Ceremonial-Grade Pure Organic Matcha 

  • from premium 1st harvest, using the most tender leaves of spring from our farm in Uji, Japan

2. One 60g (2.12oz) packet of Encha Latte-Grade Pure Organic Matcha

  • from standard 1st harvest, using high-quality leaves of spring from our farm in Uji, Japan

3. One 60g (2.12oz) packet of Encha Culinary-Grade Pure Organic Matcha

  • from premium 2nd harvest, using the best leaves of late June from our farm in Uji, Japan



  • One FREE Encha intro pamphlet which includes the guide for monitoring the benefits of drinking Encha and recipe instructions (not shown in the pic)
  • Encha Ensemble will come in a beautiful Encha green box
  • Free shipping via USPS first-class service
Always feel free to chat with or call Encha team for personalized recommendation and guidance


Enjoy your Encha party!

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