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The Wall Street Journal - "Does Matcha Beat Green Tea in Health Benefits"? 


Encha's Guide for Experiencing the Benefits of Drinking Encha Organic Matcha

Tip: avoid coffee, soda and refined sugar. 

How to Experience "Zenergy" - Calm and Longer-Lasting Mental Energy in Comparison to Drinking Coffee or Tea Bags

  • For tea drinkers: Start each morning with a serving of Encha at breakfast. Try another serving after lunch if needed.
  • For light coffee drinkers (1-2 cups a day): Try replacing coffee with Encha for one week. Drink Encha twice a day, at breakfast and after lunch.
  • For heavy coffee drinkers (3, 4 or more cups a day): When you typically would drink coffee, replace with Encha. You might experience coffee withdrawal headache in the first 3 days. After that, you might feel the calm alertness from drinking Encha without jitter or crash. 

How to Monitor the Antioxidant Benefits from Drinking Encha

  • Skin: Take weekly pictures of your face without any makeup in the same lighting. In 2-3 months, you might see improved skin smoothness and clarity because antioxidant Catechins are anti-inflammatory (see this study).

  • Metabolism: All other things equal, drinking Encha daily should stimulate metabolism and maintain weight control. Also do not skip breakfast when you drink your morning Encha because it stimulates metabolism. Instead, go light on your dinner. (see this study)

  • Immunity: Monitor your health measures and share with us how your general immunity and specific health measures might be improved. (see Summary on National Cancer Institute)


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