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Encha Gratitude Program: Loyalty and Referral Rewards

Gratitude is a core value for Encha. We are grateful for nature, organic farming, customers, friends and family. Launching Encha Gratitude program, we extend our gratitude to your pursuit of organic matcha and loyalty with Encha.

Dr. Li Gong in Encha organic matcha farm

To open the Encha Gratitude Program app, please find the big bright button floating on the lower left corner of the screen:

Encha Gratitude program app

1. Accumulate “Gratitude Points” from all Your Purchases.

  • You earn 1 Gratitude Point for every $1 spent on, excluding sales tax, shipping charges or refunds. The purchase amount is the integer number before the decimal point.

2. Use Points to Redeem Free Encha Products for Yourself or Friends & Family

3. Refer friends and family to try Encha Organic Matcha

  • Each person referred will receive a unique 15% coupon for any product on

  • You will receive 100 Gratitude Points after each referral coupon is used 

We use a software application “” to run the Gratitude Program. Below are detailed instructions. Your first time experience of using the App will be complex. It will be easier second time around. Feel free to email Encha Team (

We reserve the right to modify or cancel the Encha Gratitude Program and will update any changes on this page accordingly. Free reward products are subject to change and availability limit. Encha Gratitude Program doesn't apply to wholesale business customers who have a separate loyalty program. 

Instructions for How to Use Encha Gratitude Program App

I. Account 

II. Redeem Points for Free Products

III. Redeem Points for Free Products for a Friend or Family Member

IV. Refer a Friend or Family Member

V. The Person Referred: Redeem the Coupon



 A. Logging Into Your Account (if you have an account)

  1. ClickLog in.
  2. If you have used multiple email addresses/accounts to order on before, please email us the information of all your email addresses and let us know which one you will continue to use. Then we will manually combine all the previous points into that one. Afterwards, please only use that account so that all your points can be accumulated into one account.

B. Creating an Account (if you made purchases as Guest before)

  1. Click “Create a new account”.
  2. Make sure you use thesame email addressyou used in previous purchases

C. Creating an Account (new to

  1. If you never made orders on, Click “Create a new account”.

D. Resetting your password

  1. Click Forgot your password?
  2. Enter your email.
  3. Open the email from Encha and you will be guided to reset your password.

Note: If the system generates the error message “Invalid login credentials”, there is no account under the email you entered. You probably made purchases as a guest without an account before. You can use the same email to create an account.


II. Redeem Points for Free Products

1.  Select areward product option that you want to redeem with enough points.

screen shot of what the App will look like (App is in the lower left corner)

2. Then the app generates a unique coupon. Click "copy" for the coupon. 

What "Copy" does is to copy the coupon code to the INVISIBLE clipboard in your computer. In a few steps, we will show you how to paste it.

3. Now let's find the product and add it to the shopping cart.

  • Go to "Products" tab of Add the product you want to redeem along with any other products you want to the cart.

Do NOT select subscription prices. The coupon doesn't work for the subscription system which already contains 15% discount. 

4. Apply the coupon by "paste"

  • On the checkout page, paste the coupon into the “Discount” field.
  • You can right click your mouse to select "paste" or Ctrl-V to paste the coupon you have just copied. The coupon will appear and deduct the price for the free Gratitude product.

5. FREE shipping for Gratitude redemption product

  • We figured out a way to offer free shipping for products at $0.00. Enjoy the free U.S. standard shipping!

  • If you still see the shipping charge, click "Edit" in the shipping section on the left of the screen. 

  • Select "Free Shipping for Gratitude Redemption".


6. Combine orders for the same shipping address

  • If you have a subscription auto-ship coming up (with free shipping), you can email us to combine the free Gratitude redemption product to your upcoming subscription if they go to the same address. 

7. If you don’t finish the checkout order process after you clicked "Redeem" for a free product, the points are NOT going back to your account. The unused coupon is still in your "My Rewards" list. 

8. If the reward redemption order is cancelled, the e-commerce system cannot put the points back into your account in the Gratitude program app.

9. Each time the app can only support you to redeem one free product coupon, to avoid potential abuse of the program. 

If you have redeemed multiple free products at once, please let us know. We will combine them into one shipment if they all go to the same address.


III. Redeem Points for Free Products for Friends and Family

1. Follow the same process from the above. At the checkout, change the name and address to the gift recipient.

2. If you want us to include a greetings card, please write a short one-line sentence or phrase in the field “Special instruction for seller”. We do not provide gift-wrapping. But we will write your nice note in a cute greetings card!


IV. Refer Friends and Family

1. Launch the Encha Gratitude App in the lower left corner of Encha website. Scroll down on the small screen and find the section "Share with Friends and Family".

2. Click the email icon to send your unique referral link to your friends.

refer a friend to Encha


3. Write a message to explain basic info to them.

4. You can also click the Facebook or Twitter icon to post your unique referral invitation on your wall. All followers of yours can use it. 

    5. You will receive 100 Gratitude Pointsonce each of your referred people uses the coupon in a purchase.


    V. The Person Referred: Redeem the Coupon

    1. Click the referral link which will launch a special URL of

    2. Click to open the "Encha Gratitude Program" app in the lower left corner of the Encha website. Enter your email to validate.

    A detailed instruction page is on the footer of the Encha website. 

    • Then, the app will display your unique one-time 15% welcome coupon

    • You will also receive an email containing the coupon.
    • You can apply this special 15% coupon to your first order for any products on The coupon doesn't work for subscription prices which run on a different system and already have 15% savings. So, try Encha first before subscribe. 
    • It's the most beneficial for you not to check out as guest. Instead click "Log in" to create an account to start earning points.

    • Click "Create an account".

    • Regular shipping rules, governed by the main e-commerce engine, still apply based on the product net amount after the coupon.