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25% Off Holiday Specials: Ceremonial Encha Organic Matcha in Reusable Glass Jar (limited-edition)

Encha Matcha Glass Jar

After one year of design and making, we are proud to launch the brand new Encha Matcha Glass Jar! The beautiful and reusable milk white glass jar has an eco-friendly bamboo cap and is packed with 30 grams of ceremonial Encha organic matcha powder.  

  • Glass jar: made of solid, opaque, white, milk glass. Blocks light. Lead-free. 
  • Bamboo cap: made of real bamboo with beautiful and natural variations in its pattern. 
  • Ceremonial Encha: Each jar is packed with 30 grams of ceremonial grade Encha organic matcha from our farm's premium first harvest. 
  • Use and Care: The wide-mouthed jar makes it easy to scoop out matcha powder.
    • Open the seal slowly to avoid matcha powder from flying out. There might be air pressure change, especially if you live at a high elevation (e.g. Colorado). 
    • Note: matcha powder cannot be vacuum-packed because it is so fine. 
    • Close the jar immediately after use. Matcha needs to stay dry and away from the sun.
    • Keep the jar in a cool, dry and dark place. 
  • Reuse and Refill: The eco-friendly Encha jar is great for reuse.
    • After you finish one jar of organic matcha powder, you can easily clean the jar with a dry paper towel.
    • If you desire to wash the empty jar, the glass jar itself is dishwasher safe. But the bamboo cap is not! Dry the jar thoroughly.
    • Refill from your 60-gram Encha packet. The 60g packet of ceremonial Encha organic matcha is eligible for subscribe and save 15%!
    • Thus, you can buy one jar and get the 60g packet every one or two months for refill. 

    To celebrate the launch, we are adding two FREE mini-Encha single packets to each Encha matcha jar purchased.

    • You don't need to leave a note in your cart.
    • As long as this free add-on offer is listed on this page, Encha team will automatically add the two mini-Encha: one in ceremonial grade, one in latte grade. 
    • If you buy two jars, we will add four mini-Encha. And so on.
    • Free U.S. shipping for orders at $50+.  

    Share your Encha matcha jar feedback with us. You can email us ( or share a picture or video of your #MyEncha experience on Instagram or Facebook

    Thank you for embracing Encha and enjoy your organic matcha!