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Encha Matcha Whisk Set

A cost-saving bundle for the traditional matcha bamboo whisk, whisk holder and bamboo scoop.

Encha Matcha Whisk Trio Set

  • a matcha bamboo whisk
  • a matcha bamboo scoop
  • a matcha whisk holder in black porcelain, essential for the whisk care


  1. For new bamboo whisk: soak in warm water to open up the inner twist of prongs. The curls will straighten up gradually. 
  2. After each use, rinse the whisk in clean water. If some spots stay in the prongs, gently use a brush to remove it.
  3. Let the whisk air dry by placing it on the whisk holder with the inner ring of bamboo prongs inside the hole of the holder.
  4. Do not let your bamboo whisk sit on wet surfaces. Bamboo might develop mold with moisture.
  5. When you whisk your Encha matcha powder, avoid scratching the bottom of bowl with your whisk. That would damage the tips of the bamboo prongs. Instead, you can gently stir the powder at an angle before whisking. During whisking, suspend the whisk vertically in the liquid. 
  6. The bamboo whisk and scoop cannot be dish-washed. It is bamboo!
  7. Wipe your bamboo scoop dry. Moisture cannot go into your packet of Encha.