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Encha Matcha Whisk (Chasen)

The matcha bamboo whisk not only possesses its natural elegance but also works very effectively to dissolve matcha powder in water. It is an essential tool in the traditional tea ceremony. It is called chasen in Japanese. It will create smaller foams and more dense texture in your matcha tea than using an electric frother or blender.

Chasen: Matcha Bamboo Whisk 

  • The hand-crafted natural bamboo whisk is essential for dissolving Encha matcha powder to be frothy and creamy. 
  • The whisk has 2 rings of totally 80 prongs.
  • Regular kitchen metal whisk will not dissolve matcha powder well. 
  • Hand-made in Anji, Zhejiang, China, which is known for its bamboo forestry and craftsmanship. 
  • Replace your matcha whisk every few months depending on how often you use it and how well you maintain it. When you see the prongs getting broken or dark spots inside the hollow end of the handle, it is time to replace.
  • Whisk care: Rinse the whisk each time and place it upside down on the whisk holder to dry without sitting on a wet surface. 

Enjoy the active and meditative moment of whisking matcha!