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Encha Matcha and Milk Frother (Aerolatte)

A very handy frother, great for frothing matcha powder in water and for frothing milk. Dual purposes. Don't froth matcha powder directly in milk to avoid clumps because milk is very dense. 

Aerolatte® Handheld Electric Frother with a Portable Case

  • From our tests of many handheld frothers, we found Aerolatte® to be the best. 
  • It comes in a portable case, very handy for office and traveling.
  • Its spiral frothing head and shaft are made from robust, food-approved 18/8 stainless steel
  • It includes two pre-installed AA alkaline batteries.
  • Designed in Europe. Made in China. 
  • Do not turn on the frother until you immerse the frothing head into the liquid to avoid splashing.
  • Stirthe matcha powder, turn on the frother, turn it off to stir potential clumps, and froth again. You will get a beautiful foamy cup of Encha organic matcha tea or latte. 
  • For matcha latte, froth the milk separately and pour it into the matcha tea. Swirl the foamy milk for creative matcha latte patterns.
  • Rinse the frother to clean. Wipe to dry. 

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