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Matcha Cup: Encha Cherry Blossom mini Chawan (Sakura)

This pretty matcha cup is hand-crafted by century-old artisan potters in Japan. It features sakura - cherry blossom, which thrives in spring. Shortly after the cherry blossom season, spring harvest of green tea in Japan gets ready. Matcha green tea plants, tencha, will then be shaded for about 3 weeks and harvested in early May. 

Encha Cherry Blossom Matcha Cup is about 8-9 oz in total volume, about half of the size of a regular matcha bowl. You can pour your whisked or frothed Encha organic matcha tea or latte into it to replace the old cappuccino or espresso cup. Or if you are very skilled in whisking, you can directly whisk your Encha powder in it. The lovely texture on the cup is very nice when you hold it in your hand: smooth and earthy. It is lead-free as all Encha ceramics are!