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Encha Pure Organic Matcha Ceremony Kit

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  • Discover Matcha the Traditional Way: Prepare ceremonial-grade organic matcha with the beautifully crafted utensils in this stylishmatcha tea kit. Thistea ceremony set provides long-lasting, clean energy and antioxidants, with an eye toward tradition.
  • What’s Included: 30g ceremonial-gradematcha powder, matcha bowl (chawan), natural bamboomatcha whisk (chasen), whisk holder (chasen tate), bamboo scoop (chashaku), and sieve (chakoshi). Ourmatcha powder’s deep, earthy flavor profile will be enhanced by the natural flavors of the bamboo in this ceremonialtea set
  • How to Brew:To prepare a traditional matcha green tea, run one scoop Encha ceremonial matcha from your chashaku through the sieve into your matcha bowl, then vigorously whisk in 5 oz of hot water at 160°F. Enjoy the balanced flavor and health benefits of organic green tea.
  • All-Day Energy, lifelong health:matcha powder is rich in theanine, which promotes alertness without the coffee crash. It’s also packed with antioxidants, which boost immunity and overall health. 
  • A Unique Gift: complete with the necessary utensils as well as our premiummatcha powder, this ceremonial tea kit is a thoughtful, all-in-one gift that can be enjoyed daily. Whether it’s for someone who’s new to matcha or looking to make the switch from coffee, thistea set is the perfect gift. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

While the popularity of matcha-based drinks and snacks has soared in recent years, the practice of brewing and drinking matcha is a spiritual tradition that actually dates back to the 1500s. Thechado,or Japanese tea ceremony, originated with Zen Buddhist monks as a means of enhancing meditation practices, but in time became a bonding experience between a host and their guest, a quiet moment of reflection and mindfulness, distinct from the bustle of everyday life. 

It’s with this tradition in mind that we offer our Ceremonial Matcha Kit. Perfect for those new to matcha or an avid matcha drinker looking for an at-home setup, this kit includes all the appropriate utensils you’ll need to create a daily matcha ritual of your own.

Depending on desired strength, use the bamboo scoop (chashaku) to pour one or two spoonfuls of our premium-gradematcha powder through the sieve (chakoshi) into your matcha bowl (chawan). As you pour 160°F water over the fine powder, use thematcha whisk (chasen) to vigorously mix the water and powder until a smooth, velvety texture emerges. Return thematcha whisk to its whisk holder (chasen tate) to ensure it retains its shape.

EnchaMatcha Tea Ceremonial-Grade is 100% organic and consists of the highest quality matcha green tea leaves. Our farm’s ecosystem depends on the delicate balance of the natural world, allowing us to grow tencha leaves without using pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Our matcha organic leaves are shade-grown and plucked in the first harvest from our farm in the hills of Uji, Japan, giving them immense depth of flavor. 

There’s no better way to enjoy this premium-grade matcha than with this beautifully crafted bamboo tea kit—a delicious return to tradition.